Focusing on Missionary Work in Mid-week Relief Society Activity

Robin Smilanich, Riverwoods Relief Society President
We as a presidency thought it was important to focus on missionary work, since this is a main focus of the church right now. After the broadcast from the first presidency, we took the challenge that every member is a missionary whether we are wearing the black badge on our shirt or on our hearts.
We had our ward mission leader come speak about missionary work in our ward. There are a few non-members, but the majority is reactivation on members. Ralph Yarro, ward missionary leader, quoted several apostles and prophets on what we should do as a missionary where we live.
We also had the missionary moms talk a little bit about their son or daughter who is on a mission from our ward. How that child decided to go on a full-time mission, and a few experiences they have had on their mission.
The room was decorated with flags from other countries, we had the Christus and book of Mormons from other languages as decoration. Refreshments were dishes that the missionary moms brought from wherever their son or daughter is serving.
We also did a video of pictures gathered of the ward missionaries out in the field!!!!! And to top it off, we all wrote to these missionaries letters of encouragement.
Testimonies were strong, great stories were shared, and we had a good turn out of sisters.

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